Welcome and Opening Keynote Chris Lafond, CEO, Insurity
Michele Shepard, CRO, Insurity
Talin Bingham, CTO, Insurity
Technology and Game Changers in the Future of InsuranceInsurers are continuously met with a dizzying array of emerging technologies, and keeping up can seem like an impossible task. Insurers today are less concerned about external disruption as they are about being out-innovated by their peers, a threat that has always only increased as resources with the talent and skills to leverage new technology prefer working at tech companies and startups instead of incumbents. With limited budgets and seemingly unlimited innovation areas, insurers have to quickly determine the right areas to focus. In this session, Jeff Goldberg, executive vice president for Novarica, will review which emerging technologies are game-changers for insurers and which are losing their luster. He’ll examine the advanced capabilities that have become a “new normal” for insurers looking to compete in a modern, digital world, and how technology is changing the nature of insurance.

Jeff Goldberg, Executive Vice President, Novarica
Advancing Analytics in Insurance

Advanced analytics can transform how insurers do business.  In this session, Bayard Gennert, analytics senior expert of McKinsey Solutions, will discuss:

  • The state of advanced analytics and data ecosystems in insurance
  • Innovative analytics examples that leading carriers are applying today in underwriting and claims
  • A framework for unlocking advanced analytics value and to prepare for accelerating change

Bayard Gennert, Analytics Senior Expert, McKinsey Solutions
Integrated Data Solutions: A New Era of Intelligence and InsightInsurers are building more sophisticated approaches to leverage data analytics across the enterprise. The table stakes are increasing at the same time new technologies and modeling techniques are gaining a foothold. Insurers are creating holistic data strategies to incorporate third-party data with their own, while recognizing that implementing analytics requires an operational framework and integrated deployment into decision workflows. Successful analytics programs are purposely designed to achieve strategic, measurable business outcomes. Donald Light, director of Celent’s North America P/C practice, will provide an overview of market dynamics and how insurers are operationalizing analytics. Kirstin Marr, Insurity’s head of data solutions, will share how Insurity is raising the bar on how data analytics solutions allow insurers to win in a highly competitive marketplace with demands for a modern, digital customer experience. Kirstin Marr, Head of Data Solutions, Insurity
Donald Light, Director, North America Property/Casualty Practice, Celent
Blocking & Tackling Cybersecurity: What to Know in the Age of Cyber ThreatsIn this discussion, Insurity’s chief information security officer Joshua Foltz will explore the impact cyber is having on a global scale, enabling you to understand the risks, threat actors, and attacks that are putting you and your company in harm’s way. Gain a high-level view and insight of cyber as a whole, and understand what malicious hackers and attackers can and cannot do to you or your organization. Finally, learn what you can do to fight this onslaught by mastering the four areas of security that were responsible for over 90% of the cyber-attacks seen last year. Joshua Foltz, CISO, Insurity
Jonathan Victor, CIO, Insurity
Why Emerging Tech Investments Make More Sense Than Ever In Commercial Lines

It’s tempting to think that investments in emerging tech will be cut because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But now is definitely NOT the time to make blanket cuts to these business technology investments that advance insurers’ digital strategies. Accelerate emerging tech use cases into commercial uses that grow revenue, create new efficiencies, and reduce indemnity costs. In this session, Forrester Research examines how six emerging technologies will factor into:

  • The new products, different distribution channels, and ecosystem extensions that drive commercial business value
  • “Doing more with less” strategies that bridge resource gaps
  • The preparedness to meet customer needs on the upside of the trough

Ellen Carney, Principal Analyst, Application Development & Delivery, Forrester
Teaming with System IntegratorsFor many clients, systems integrators can play a key role in enhancing project success, both in implementation planning and execution, as well as post-deployment. In this session, Roy Wood, Insurity’s executive vice president of professional services, will discuss the various areas where system integrators can bring specialized knowledge and deliver value, including implementation planning and consulting, project management, end user training, change management, quality assurance, and more. Roy Wood, EVP Professional Services, Insurity
Customer Experience: Are You Positioned to Win?Insurers are more focused now than ever before to meet the needs of the customer – both agent and policyholder – in a way that flips the lens of the experience to an outside in perspective. In this session, Karen Furtado, Partner at Strategy Meets Action, will highlight the impact of "flipping the lens" to deliver the enhanced customer experience that all are seeking.

Karen Furtado, Partner, Strategy Meets Action
Digital Transformation: Taking It to the GoalDigital automation and data can mean very different things to different stakeholders. In policy administration/billing, customers, underwriters, underwriting assistants, customer service reps, agents, MGAs, intermediaries, actuaries, and regulators are all impacted in different ways. Similarly, in claims management, customer service reps, claimants, subrogation, and many third-parties are impacted differently as well. In this panel discussion, we will discuss how digital automation and data can impact insurance processes across the various operational areas and roles, explore examples with leading P&C carriers, and discuss how Insurity can facilitate the digital journey across the enterprise. Clyde Owen, Vice President, Industry Solutions, Insurity
Jay Sarzen, Senior Analyst, P&C, Aite
Frank Ksiazak, Director, IT Application Development, Nationwide Insurance
Ram Veeramani, Vice President, Technology Services, Everest Insurance
Jeff Rielly, Product Solution Consultant, Insurity
Coaching for Cloud Transformation Jonathan Victor, CIO, Insurity
Mike Nance, Director of IT Applications, Nationwide
Karen Furtado, Partner, Strategy Meets Action
Ecosystems in Insurance That Can Accelerate Your Market GrowthThe emergence of ecosystems in the insurance industry is manifesting in various areas of the insurance value chain. In this session, Rajesh Narayan, Senior Director Analyst at Gartner, discusses how tech CEOs must be able to identify and participate in those ecosystems, which enhance the value of their solutions and leads to market growth. Rajesh Narayan, Senior Director Analyst, Gartner

Products: Present and Future

Software-enabled, cloud-provisioned, data-informed, and customizable products are key to Insurity’s rich ecosystem approach, designed to simplify your policy administration and claims management processes, while enabling you to deliver better customer experiences, make better decisions, and optimize financial performance.

In the Products: Present and Future sessions, we’ll help you turn our products into solutions that serve real business needs. Whether your focus is new efficiencies or new value creation, these sessions will:

  • Share the latest innovations and features available today
  • Highlight best practices to help you realize the highest levels of product potential
  • Describe client successes that will inspire you to design and implement your own solutions
  • Chart our 2020 product roadmaps
  • Enlist your feedback on product evolution

You will leave our sessions better prepared to turn our ecosystem of products into solutions that serve your business needs and long-term digital transformation.

Workers' CompXPress Suite: Streamlining your Work Comp BusinessJoin us as we share the latest features, insight into what’s coming, and ideas for making your business processes more efficient! Maura Martin, Senior Product Owner, Insurity
Cindy Casteel, Product Owner, Insurity
Bridge Specialty Suite: Helping You Write the Policies of TomorrowThe world is changing at an unprecedented rate. Automation, climate change, new technology, social, and geo-political factors are changing how business is done. You need a flexible and agile policy administration system to keep up with these changes. Join us to see how Bridge helps you keep pace with changing markets, and transform new ideas into insurance products. Sudharshan Sukumaran, Senior Manager, Market Solutions, Insurity
Bhavin Patel Manager, Market Solutions, Insurity
Policy Decisions and Billing Decisions: Time to Change the Game!Join us as we share how we’re changing the game with Policy Decisions Evolution and Billing Decisions Evolution. We’ve evolved and many clients have chosen to migrate or have completed implementation. Now join us to see how your business can change the game with digital enablement, new features and functions, and user experience improvements across these critical products. Christine Kasson, Vice President, Decisions Suite, Insurity
Clyde Owen, Vice President, Industry Solutions, Insurity
Jeff Rielly, Product Solution Consultant, Insurity
Data Solutions: The Insight to Act!Join us as we share the latest from our industry-leading analytics brands—DataHouse, Valen, and SpatialKey—along with our vision of integrated data solutions. See how we are delivering today while building tomorrow’s data insights. Brenda Burns, Vice President, Data Solutions Services, Insurity
Manny Catarino, Associate Vice President, Development, Insurity
Michael Earl, Senior Architect, Insurity
Greg Penn, Vice President, Operations
Bret Stone, Vice President, Insurity SpatialKey, Insurity
Doug McCune, Vice President, Product Management, Insurity
Oceanwide Marine Suite: Analytics, APIs, and OMS Join us for an in-depth discussion on how Oceanwide Marine Suite, with an array of APIs, analytics, and digital enablement tools, will help you navigate the waters both today and in the years to come. Ehasan Ali, Product Owner, Insurity
Claims Decisions: Claims in 2020!Join us to review our claims innovation in the past year and the new capabilities planned for 2020. Jim Hatch, Vice President, Claims Services, Insurity
Bob Yarema, Senior Solution Consultant, Insurity
Matt Hughes, Product Owner, Insurity
Sarah Cherif, Product Owner, Insurity
ClaimsXPressJoin us to review our claims innovation in the past year and the new capabilities planned for 2020. Jim Hatch, Vice President, Claims Services, Insurity
Bob Yarema, Senior Solution Consultant, Insurity
Matt Hughes, Product Owner, Insurity
Sarah Cherif, Product Owner, Insurity